China Cartoons is the collection of superbly elaborated political cartoons, which symbolize China’s domestic and foreign policies. The collection is mainly concentrated on China’s political, economic, cultural, and ecology. It also shows China’s relationship with other countries, specifically U.S., Tibet (under the grip of China) and India. While checking the net, I was amazed to see many cartoons on China that clicked me to make this collection zone, where viewers will have a trouble free access.

The cartoon on China just amused me for some reasons, as it show lots of anxiety, fear, competitions, threats and unfriendliness on China by the western medias. The western perception on China is predominantly naive, as it somehow depends on China’s political characters. That is nationalistic, chauvanistic, superior and bossy attitude of Modern China, which is clearly conveyed through arts.

It is of no reason to disgrace China on my part, I would let the arts speak for itself. Rest, the viewers should inteprete themselves of how it signifies.

This collection is an informative and educative zone, which has nothing to do with commercial purposes.

If anyone wants to freely share their cartoons on China and Tibet, feel free to post the cartoon with Title and a caption to

Last but not the least, I hope you will all enjoy the China Cartoons.

May Peace prevail on earth.